Things You Need To Consider In Looking For Family Lawyer

Legal cases regarding family are quite tiring, especially when filing a divorce case in UAE. They can drain you both physically as well as mentally. Considering the tough separation laws in the nation it is important to consult the best law firm in UAE.

With the help of an expert from law firm in UAE, you can handle it better. It is important that you contact the most experienced and reliable lawyers for confidential and very clear advice on the issues regarding all types of legal cases.

So how to find out the best family lawyer? How to choose one from the lot? Let us help you out. Things to consider when looking for a family lawyer –

  1. Find out if the lawyer specializes in divorces, or if divorce cases are just a part of their practice? Know how long they have been practicing family law and the number of cases they have handled. Check if they are certified.
  2. Talk to them and find out their strategy for your case? Ask them they time it would take to solve the case.
  3. Ask them if they are available to take phone calls and if they return calls if they miss them? Know how they act on emergencies.
  4. Ask if they will take up the case individually or if they are going to take help from their colleagues. If a team will work on the case, then try to know more about them.
  5. Know their charges. Do they have an hourly rate or does it depend on the complexity of the case or depending on the time spent on the case.
  6. Ask the lawyer about the costs involved (other than their fees).

Remember that you need not select the very first lawyer you meet. You should first get to know them and build trust before finalizing. For the best lawyers in Dubai, approach SM Law Firm.

Top UAE City For Outsourcing Business

Out of the seven emirates of United Arab, Dubai has gained an immense popularity among the small and big companies to come and setup their business. As it has diversified to many of the buses in sectors, it also has something for the people who wish to do an outsourcing business. The government of Dubai has launched Dubai Outsource City (DOC) due to the market demand in order to cater them. It alleviates a variety of business operations such as supports Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), HR Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing, back office, and call center. For setting up any kind of outsourcing business you can get an experienced advice by consulting any of the business setup services in Dubai.

dubai at night

With an expert and understanding business setup services in Dubai, your time will be utilized efficiently in obtaining visas, permits, and other documents. Adam Global is the one that assures your procedures are carried out in a right way.

Dubai is the top UAE city for an outsourcing business as it offers purposely built infrastructure for the companies and exclusive office spaces for the company formation. You can either start your business in a free zone owning the sole proprietorship or you can register as a branch of a foreign or local company, the choice is yours. You might be thing why to choose Dubai Outsource City for your business then here are the reasons:

  • Fast track and simplified company setup procedure and licensing
  • Low-cost energy along with favorable cost of living
  • It is linked with all three means of transportation air, water, and roads.
  • You can get office, warehouses or factory on lease and even you have the opportunity to lease land for any sort of business development.
  • 100% ownership of your business and also 100% recovery of your profits or the money you invested.
  • No taxation on capital or no income tax is to be paid as they provide you a tax-free environment.
  • Liberal laws and legal formalities for operating and setting up a business.
  • You can easily find talented workers for employing in your office.
  • Excellent support services and appealing working atmosphere.

All these tempting qualities make Dubai the top UAE city for conducting any outsourcing business.

E-commerce has become the new way to shop

Ever since the internet has been invented, people are denying the traditional way of stepping out of the house to shop. Instead, many are preferring to shop, in the comfort of their own homes. Whether it’s groceries, clothes, tickets, or furniture shopping, e-commerce is the way to go. Dubai online shopping is most popularly done. There are many benefits associated with online shopping, these are:

Dubai Online shopping

  1. Fewer expenses: When going out to shop, we tend to spend extra on transport and food. Also, shoppers tend to compulsively buy items which are not a necessity. We get forced by shopkeepers to buy certain products. All of these extra expenses can be refrained by shopping online.
  2. The biggest perk of shopping online is convenience. The conventional method requires one to travel in the heat to get to a shop. Also, one needs to stroll here and there to find the perfect garment to buy. Mainly, standing in those never ending queues is such a pain. It becomes quite tiresome as one whole day is needed when going out to shop. All of these can be avoided, by shopping online in the comfort of one’s home.
  3. Save a huge load of time: By staying at home and shopping, one can reduce the unnecessary time spent on traffic, while going to the shop. Also, one can save time during billing of garments by avoiding huge queues in lines. Furtherly, the girls need not waste hours on getting ready as now, they can chill in their pajamas and shop.
  4. Availability: When it comes to buying urgent necessities, online stores are quite reliable as they are open 24X7. For instance, in the morning when one needs a few pills, an online drug store would be more feasible to purchase from. Then to go to a store which may not be open early mornings.

With this plethora of advantages, online shopping, especially in Dubai has become the new trend.



Why You Should Consider Buying Huawei Phone

Huawei is one of the best Chinese companies that manufacture smartphones with flawless features. Each of the Android phones from the brand is not only reliable, but also has a phenomenal display. Here we shall be discussing about the P8 model from the company. Because of the affordability of Huawei P8 price in UAE this is one of the best-selling mobiles here. Let us discuss a few of the features of this mobile here.

  •         Precisely designed screen: the design of the Huawei P8 Lite smartphone is quite sleek with a measure of 7.7mm. Because of this it sits in the palm of your hand very comfortably. It further features a 5” LCD screen with a resolution of up to 1280 x 720 pixels, displaying an excellent quality video.
  •         Excellent power and efficiency: Octa Core 64bit Kirin 620 processor is used for driving this phone from Huawei due to which the multitasking in the phone is simple. The HDR photography and 1080p HD video recording is also easily supported by the processor. To add to this, a 2GB RAM is also featured in the phone to perform smoothly. Further the phone is backed by a highly advanced Android Lollipop OS v5.0.2.
  •         Audio quality: you can experience a superb sound quality in this phone. The enlarged sound chamber equipped in the phone allows for a crystal clear audio output. The quality of the sound is further enhanced by using multiple audio frequency enhancement technology and HDR noise reduction.
  •         Brilliant camera: the mobile incorporate a 13 MP rear camera, so that you can capture those special times with your friends and family with clarity. It also has an LED flash, so that you don’t miss snapping even in bad lighting conditions. Plus, you can also record video clips in Full HD at 30fps. It also has a 5MP camera  that allows you to take selfies at resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. is one of the best online shopping store that offers a variety of electronics,, mobile gadgets etc. in the entire UAE. The Huawei P8 price in UAE here is AED 529.00.