The need for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 certificate

Most of us are not aware that goods that are transported in ships and aircraft from one country to another by containers should be tested for pest and insects. The process of conducting a rapid check of containers for pest and disease entering into other countries is called fumigation. Pests like termites, ants and bugs that survive on wood pose great risk in all countries and all the wooden cardboards and packing substances used in the exports packing should be fumigated. fumigation process is carried out mostly at the port during loading clearance of the container or at the discharge port to avoid the introduction of new pests to other countries. fumigation is conducted by pest control in Dubai who have certifications from International Standards for Phytosanitation Measure – ISPM15 certification.

The common reasons for pest infestation in export goods can occur due to a high amount of moisture and humidity levels in the cargo. Even the place where they are goods have been stored for the shipment process or during the time of shifting the goods to the containers could be infested. Spreading of infestation can take place rapidly during the transportation time and the cargo has to be created again at the time of discharge from the port. Hence, it is necessary to follow good sanitation methods of pest control for maintaining the cargo before eating two other countries.

Fumigation process is the best option than any other pest control methods in Dubai. The fumigants released in the process circulate and spread across to a larger infested area. Trained pest control technician will have the right tools products and good knowledge about usage of chemicals.