The need for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 certificate

Most of us are not aware that goods that are transported in ships and aircraft from one country to another by containers should be tested for pest and insects. The process of conducting a rapid check of containers for pest and disease entering into other countries is called fumigation. Pests like termites, ants and bugs that survive on wood pose great risk in all countries and all the wooden cardboards and packing substances used in the exports packing should be fumigated. fumigation process is carried out mostly at the port during loading clearance of the container or at the discharge port to avoid the introduction of new pests to other countries. fumigation is conducted by pest control in Dubai who have certifications from International Standards for Phytosanitation Measure – ISPM15 certification.

The common reasons for pest infestation in export goods can occur due to a high amount of moisture and humidity levels in the cargo. Even the place where they are goods have been stored for the shipment process or during the time of shifting the goods to the containers could be infested. Spreading of infestation can take place rapidly during the transportation time and the cargo has to be created again at the time of discharge from the port. Hence, it is necessary to follow good sanitation methods of pest control for maintaining the cargo before eating two other countries.

Fumigation process is the best option than any other pest control methods in Dubai. The fumigants released in the process circulate and spread across to a larger infested area. Trained pest control technician will have the right tools products and good knowledge about usage of chemicals.

Advantages of using glass partitions in office

Gone are  the days when most of the companies made use of dark partitions that looked like pin cushions. This type of partitioning system did not only cut the employees from each other, but also made the area look filthy and messy with notices and papers pinned on to the partitioning wall. Since you don’t want such a messy image of your workplace to be portrayed on your customers and visitors who walk in your office, you must look for a contractor or a firm that provides the services of glass partition work in Dubai,

There are many advantages of installing glass partitions  in a workplace. Some of them include:

  • Gives a bigger appearance to the area: the foremost benefit of installing glass partitions is that it makes the area look large. Unlike the older versions of partitions which made the room dark and cut everyone off, the glass partitions is a very sophisticated way of providing a private yet open space to work in.
  • Can be used in an open plan office: it greatly fits in your open plan office to divide areas without eliminating them off from the remaining workspace.
  • Provides abundance of natural light: on adding glass partition walls to your office space, you can allow a galore of natural daylight in your office, which actually boosts the productivity of your employees and also cut on huge electric bills.

If you are looking for a firm that offers glass partition work in Dubai, then Visualize is one of the best companies of interior designing in the city that also excels in glass works. You can get a consultation from the designer team here for creating a beautiful as well as functional glass partitioning system for your office.

4 reasons that may be exhausting your car battery

We know how frustrating it is when the battery of your car dies right when you start out for an important meeting or when you are on the middle of the road, going to an important trip.  The number of people getting their batteries changed is increasing every day and considering the same thing, companies are also offering cheap car battery in Dubai. There are a number of reasons that may be exhausting your car battery! It is important to know them so you can avoid them and save the expenses.

Here are the top reasons that may be exhausting the battery life –

  • Drainage: This is one of the most common reasons why the battery life gets exhausted. A lot of people forget turning off the car accessories while the car is off. This can drain the battery. It usually happens when people forget to turn off the AC, radio, headlights or interior lights. Most common reason for battery draining is leaving the headlights on.



  • Temperature: The battery of a car may be damaged because of severe climatic conditions. Severe temperatures may kill the battery by boiling (in summers) or by making it thick (in winters).


  • Alternator: The alternator charges the batteries when the car is on and running. The battery will not be charged if there are problems with the alternator and it will start exhausting the battery life gradually. For an extended battery life, it is best to get the alternator checked once in a while.


  • Old battery: Batteries live from 3 to 5 years. Old batteries need care or they become even more damaged.

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Causes and diagnosis of hernia

Hernia is a condition in which the fatty tissue under a particular area of the body protrudes upwards causing an uncomfortable lump. A lot of people prefer Hernia repair surgery in Dubai because of the state of the art facilities available. Hernia surgery cost in Sharjah, Dubai, UAE costs up to 35,000 AED.

Before thinking of the surgery, it is important to know about the causes and diagnosis of hernia.


Causes of Hernia

Some of the most common causes of hernia include:

  • Heavy weight lifting or stress
  • Age
  • Damage from injury or surgery
  • Chronic coughing
  • Gaining weight
  • Constipation
  • Fluid in abdomen
  • Pregnancy (because of the pressure on the abdomen)
  • Smoking
  • Diarrhea
  • Poor nutrition
  • Frequent urination
  • Physical Exertion
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Undescended testicals

The most common reason for hernia is a combination of the above listed causes and pressure in the sensitive areas. The abdomen area towards the groin is the most sensitive area for hernias.


While most of the hernias go unnoticed, some hernias grow larger in size and start becoming uncomfortable and painful. Most people identify their own hernias through self-examination of the body. Doctors can examine the lumps and find out if it is hernia. Some hernias may be identified through X-rays or endoscopies. The inner spot in the tummy can be seen or examined through these tests.

Hernia can be treated through surgery for the repair. Hernias can be prevented by eating healthy and exercising regularly and maintaining healthy body weight.

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Is it safe to go for gastric lap band surgery after gastric bypass

Losing weight is a hard task, whether it is to lose weight through fad diet, exercise, sleeping pills, bariatric surgery or non-invasive procedure (gastric balloon), every weight loss method comes with their own bag of obstacles. weight loss through gastric bypass surgery is wonderful, but there is nothing more frustrating than regaining the weight you lost after facing a lot of hardships.

Gastric bypass is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries, where the surgeon bypasses patients stomach from the size of a football to the size of a small golf ball which is referred to as gastric pouch. With such a small stomach, people feel full more quickly and end up eating less. This procedure is restrictive and there is a risk of malabsorption as the food bypasses the small intestine.Hence the vitamins and minerals are not absorbed into the body leading to malnutrition.

Gastric band surgery

Few patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery, lose weight in the initial time period. But, some of those patients gradually regained their lost weight. This could be quite disappointing and acts as a hindrance for them in achieving their weight loss goals.Reason for gaining weight after gastric bypass could be due to dilation of stretching of the gastric pouch. This causes the patient to lose that fullness feeling and they tend to eat more and regain weight.


In such cases, the doctor suggests this patience to go for adjustable lap band to a bypass (called as a band over bypass). It is a relatively new procedure and is safe and offers effective results in accomplishing weight loss objectives when gastric bypass fails to deliver desired results.

Ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance       

Insurance premiums can be a significant expense for many people. Car insurance being a necessity in the Emirates is one of those must-have items which can put a major debt on your monthly bills. This is why every car owner wants to acquire the best insurance rate possible. So, if you have bought a car recently, you must start looking for insurance brokers in Abu Dhabi in order to get your car insured with the best policy.

Car Insurance Brokers in Abu Dhabi

There are many possible ways in which insurance brokers in Abu Dhabi can minimize the rates of the car insurance policy that you buy. A few of them includes:

  •         Safe Driving: first and foremost drive safe! Having a good driving record can earn you cheaper auto insurance rates. Insurance companies will not trust a person having an unimpressive driving history and thus will ask for higher payments.
  •         Shop Annually: you should compare auto insurance rates of competing companies almost every year as different companies cut their prices in order to attract new business.
  •         Keep a check on your annual premium: if you are paying for collision and comprehensive coverage of an older car you might find yourself paying more in insurance than the worth of the car. If your yearly premium is more than 10% of your cars actual value then it is probably time to seek cheaper coverage.
  •         Invest in car safety features: drivers having adequate safety features such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, anti-theft systems, immobilizers and head restraints may be eligible for discounts on their auto insurance premiums. Cars with more safety features are statistically less likely to be in an accident or stolen than those that don’t have these features.
  •         Don’t be too quick in buying a new vehicle: owning a fancy new car will also land you the most expensive insurance policy to cover it. The cost of insurance is inversely proportional to the age of the vehicle. The older the car is the lower the insurance premiums.
  •         Skip the sports car: sports car are more expensive to repair and popular with thieves and thus are famous in the auto insurance industry for needing high insurance.

PIBCo is one of the best insurance company to buy a motor insurance policy from.

  •        Claim settlement policy: first and foremost factor to consider for insurance is the claim settlement policy of the company. Choose a company with good track record of claim resolution.
  •         Coverage: one must determine how much insurance is needed. Usually car insurance policies cover third party liability and own damage where third party liability is mandatory whereas own damage is optional. Opting for both is considered the best option.
  •         Cost: your car insurance premium is based on the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car. IDV is the maximum amount that you can claim under a motor insurance policy. It is thus important to declare the right IDV and select a policy that offers maximum IDV.
  •         Customer Service: thanks to technology the insurance policies are now issued, edited or cancelled instantly. The insurance company’s providing such services to the customers are a better option.
  •         Communication access: contact information of the insurance company should be easily accessible so that if an individual faces some problem he should know whom to contact.

Besides the above, you can also attain the following benefits:

  •         No claims discount: it is a discount awarded by your insurance company if you have not made any claim on your existing car insurance. It can be claimed both while purchasing a new vehicle or renewing an existing policy.
  •         Seek add-on covers: buying add-ons for car insurance can mean you get optimum protection. It is important to select and pay only for the right ones.
  •         Opting for voluntary deductibles: with this option you agree to share the costs of repair in case of any claim, resulting in a lower premium for your insurance plan.
  •         Timely insurance renewal: the car insurance should be renewed before the expiry date to prevent loss of coverage.

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Things to consider when setting up security solutions at home

Oman is a very big city with several rich and prosperous people living in. Though there is very strict security at the place, we can never know when an emergency occurs.  It is important to see that you install strong Security Solutions in your residence in Oman.

security solutions

When considering Security Solutions in Oman, you will have to sure that you opt for the right company to provide you with right solutions!

Here are a few things to consider when planning to set up home security solutions –

What type of home alarm monitoring system you need? This should be one of your major concerns. There are different types of home alarm monitoring systems. You will have select the right type depending on your needs and the type of people living in.

Technology and home automation capabilities: The next things you should consider are the capabilities. Decide on the technology and automation you want. That will depend on your budget and the type of technology you want.  

Security system costs: The can choose the systems depending on the budget that you wish to spend on it. However, you should not compromise on it just because of the cost. Be willing to spend a little more than what you have planned for. Remember that a home security system is a lifetime investment and you should not compromise on it.

Always go for a reputable brand: When buying or planning for a security system, plan to go for something offered by a reputed company. Reputed companies often provide high quality options and offer friendly policies that will help you even after the installation of the systems..

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Schedule Of SAT Classes In Dubai

After finishing up high school, most of us wish to get quality education in the best foreign university we have dreamed of. But most of these universities have one or the other admission criteria which often includes an entrance test. One such entrance test is SAT. Scholastic Assessment Test is a test meant for admission in the United States.

This test analyses one’s writing/critical reading and mathematics skill. Hence the students wishing to appear for SAT classes in Dubai need to well prepared with the help of study abroad consultants in Dubai.


Following are some of the ways in which the perfect schedule of study abroad consultants in Dubai helps you in preparing for SAT:

  •         Large number of lectures of each subject: Attending large number of lectures of each subject helps in clarifying many concepts and topics, that too in depth. Each subject is taught in detail and precisely, thus, giving insight in to the various nuances of the subject and topic. Even if students feel they already knows enough, attending such large number of lectures only makes them realize how much more was left to know!
  •         Revision: Each student will surely agree that only studying the subjects is never enough. A good revision helps in re-understanding and memorizing the topics and concepts properly. It kind of helps in recalling everything you have already learnt and making it stay with you for longer.
  •         Practice or mock tests: Practice tests help in checking various things like time taken for overall test and various sections, test anxiety, etc. Practice tests also help in gauging how much the student has actually understood and/or learnt. Giving such tests is no less than a noon because such tests help students in knowing various nuances of giving a real-like exam. The main benefit of such exams is that it highlights various weak points of students, at various stages throughout the preparation. Thus, it helps in analyzing how much the student has progressed.

Proed World is one of the best study abroad consultants in Dubai. We have a team of expert counselors who have years of knowledge about the whole admission process and how to prepare students to face them.

How To Bath Your Pets

Having pets changes our lives in many ways. With all their fluffy love, they also bring some responsibilities unknowingly. Although they never complain or crib when they are not attended properly, they may develop one or other problems. One such thing is bath. Pets need regular and proper baths to clean their coat and skin. The shampoo used for their baths must be of premium quality and according to their fur type and breed. A proper technique needs to be followed and certain things need to be kept in mind so that the bath routine does not become a nightmare for them.


Best pet shop in Dubai offers these services. In the best pet shop in Dubai, you can see the difference on your own that how efficiently, smoothly and carefully they bath your pet

Generally the following things are kept in mind by the pet shops while bathing your pets:

· Don’t forget the bath mat: Water and smooth floors make pets slip often. This may injure them in one or the other way. Hence using a bath mat is very strongly advisable.

· Premium quality shampoo: The shampoo must be of premium quality so that it does not damage your pet’s fur and skin. The shampoo must also be according to your pet’s breed and fur type. If proper shampoo is not used, it may make your pet’s fur and skin excessively dry. The skin may turn flakey.

· Gentle strokes and massaging: The shampoo needs to be spread evenly all over the fur by using gentle strokes and a bit of massaging. This not only makes pet remain a bit calm and relaxed but also doesn’t stress their fragile bodies.

· Rinsing off the shampoo: Some pets are very much hydrophobic. Extra care needs to be taken in their cases. However, irrespective of this factor, water must never be sprayed directly on their eyes, nose and ears. This makes them even scared and may leave them running for their lives.

· Drying: Obviously leaving pets wet may make them sick but the drying thing needs to be done very careful. If done using hair dryer, the air must not be very hot or very cold, it must not be sprayed on their face or other sensitive spots directly and strongly. The hair must be dry thoroughly because even humid fur may make them sick.

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Do’s and Dont’s in Applying for Car Insurance

Car insurance does not come in one size that fits all proportions while applying for car insurance you should cover and know in detail how much you should pay etc.In any case, it if you are running high car insurance prices, in any case, car insurance brokers in Dubai can be very helpful.

Important dos and don’t while applying for car insurance:-

Do a proper research ahead of time,conduct an online research for complete information on the car insurance policies or ask details from your car insurance brokers in Dubai. Spare some time investigating certain features, options and the different policies available on the car you want to buy.
When you buy a motor insurance policy you should know that car insurance brokers dubaithere is no hard and fast rule when it comes to buying car insurance policy, you can buy it from any car insurance broker.
Do fill the proposal form yourself regardless of fact that the vehicle dealer is arranging for the insurance. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully and completely before signing it and keep a copy of the completed proposal for your records.

Do read the policy brochure/ prospectus carefully to know what is covered and what is not.
Do ask for information about add-on covers that may be available and choose what suits you.

Do provide ID proofs and documents such as RC Book, Permit and Driving Licence to the insurance company for verification.

Do update the documents from time to time.


Don’t allow a third person to fill your proposal form
Don’t leave any column blank
Don’t forget or postpone to recharge your insurance policy
Don’t forget to ask for the correct procedure for applying for an insurance when you buy a used car that already has insurance.
Don’t make false affirmations about the car you’re insuring

Most of the large insurance providers that do a lot of advertising have an advertising budget which also adds to their overhead and cost get passed on to you in the form of high premiums. Be careful while selecting the best insurance policy for your business by checking many quotes as many goals as possible. For more details on Insurance policies visit ..