Is it safe to go for gastric lap band surgery after gastric bypass

Losing weight is a hard task, whether it is to lose weight through fad diet, exercise, sleeping pills, bariatric surgery or non-invasive procedure (gastric balloon), every weight loss method comes with their own bag of obstacles. weight loss through gastric bypass surgery is wonderful, but there is nothing more frustrating than regaining the weight you lost after facing a lot of hardships.

Gastric bypass is one of the most popular bariatric surgeries, where the surgeon bypasses patients stomach from the size of a football to the size of a small golf ball which is referred to as gastric pouch. With such a small stomach, people feel full more quickly and end up eating less. This procedure is restrictive and there is a risk of malabsorption as the food bypasses the small intestine.Hence the vitamins and minerals are not absorbed into the body leading to malnutrition.

Gastric band surgery

Few patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery, lose weight in the initial time period. But, some of those patients gradually regained their lost weight. This could be quite disappointing and acts as a hindrance for them in achieving their weight loss goals.Reason for gaining weight after gastric bypass could be due to dilation of stretching of the gastric pouch. This causes the patient to lose that fullness feeling and they tend to eat more and regain weight.


In such cases, the doctor suggests this patience to go for adjustable lap band to a bypass (called as a band over bypass). It is a relatively new procedure and is safe and offers effective results in accomplishing weight loss objectives when gastric bypass fails to deliver desired results.