5 Top Tips to Save on Electricity Costs

As the electricity bills soar high in Dubai, especially during summers, people spend hours brainstorming how to reduce the electricity consumption. The pockets of electrical item suppliers in Dubai, as well as people, indulge in a more luxurious life. With some handy techniques that follow, you can enjoy your comfortable lifestyle while reducing the burden on your pocket.

Transition to Compact Florescent Lights (CFL)

To your wonder, CFLs save up to 75% of the electricity and last longer than the regular incandescent bulbs. To complement the reduction in the electricity bill, the CFLs that the last longer also reduces the cost of buying the bulbs now and then. One can readily avail these CFLs from numerous electrical item suppliers in Dubai.

Dos and Don’ts for Air conditioner

Reluctance for reducing the A/C consumption causes stress when the electric bill hits the house. Buying A/C with energy star from electrical item suppliers in Dubai is the first step for any new purchaser. But the existing users can also do a lot more than they think is possible. Set the temperature at 24 degrees and make sure that the air is not escaping from any open window and door. Remember to switch it off when not in use. Cleaning the filters and vents every 1-2 months and placing greenery near the air-conditioners put under the sun’s heat go a long way to reducing the cost.

Electrical Cost

Electrical Cost

Turn off from the plug-ins

Always remember, instead of putting the appliances to standby, turn them off completely. One most common thing you can find with electrical item suppliers in Dubai is an extension cord. It can serve a greater purpose than just providing you with multiple plug-ins.The switching off of the extension cord saves the wattage of all the appliances plugged into it and not in use.

Act Sensibly

Instead of using two heavy appliances together, use them turn by turn. When you use two heavy appliances together, more energy is drawn. Instead of using the dishwasher for four utensils turn it on when you have a full load. Choose wisely!

Choose the right lighting system

Make sure to choose a lighting system for your household that does not make burn a hole in your electricity bill. Purchase a lighting system that can provide better lighting and is also eco-friendly to use.

To conclude, there are innumerable ways of electrical cost cutting, and any method you adopt goes a long way in subtly reducing the stress on your pocket. Just remember that following these measures would prevent you from exploiting the nature beyond its capacity. In fact, the radiations emitted by them affect our health too. Let’s do our bit in protecting the environment and ourselves from ourselves!