Do’s and Dont’s in Applying for Car Insurance

Car insurance does not come in one size that fits all proportions while applying for car insurance you should cover and know in detail how much you should pay etc.In any case, it if you are running high car insurance prices, in any case, car insurance brokers in Dubai can be very helpful.

Important dos and don’t while applying for car insurance:-

Do a proper research ahead of time,conduct an online research for complete information on the car insurance policies or ask details from your car insurance brokers in Dubai. Spare some time investigating certain features, options and the different policies available on the car you want to buy.
When you buy a motor insurance policy you should know that car insurance brokers dubaithere is no hard and fast rule when it comes to buying car insurance policy, you can buy it from any car insurance broker.
Do fill the proposal form yourself regardless of fact that the vehicle dealer is arranging for the insurance. Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully and completely before signing it and keep a copy of the completed proposal for your records.

Do read the policy brochure/ prospectus carefully to know what is covered and what is not.
Do ask for information about add-on covers that may be available and choose what suits you.

Do provide ID proofs and documents such as RC Book, Permit and Driving Licence to the insurance company for verification.

Do update the documents from time to time.


Don’t allow a third person to fill your proposal form
Don’t leave any column blank
Don’t forget or postpone to recharge your insurance policy
Don’t forget to ask for the correct procedure for applying for an insurance when you buy a used car that already has insurance.
Don’t make false affirmations about the car you’re insuring

Most of the large insurance providers that do a lot of advertising have an advertising budget which also adds to their overhead and cost get passed on to you in the form of high premiums. Be careful while selecting the best insurance policy for your business by checking many quotes as many goals as possible. For more details on Insurance policies visit ..