3 Common Skin Complaints and How to Treat Them

Our skin plays a major role in keeping us healthy. It acts as a protection shield and guards from the dirt harmful chemicals, bacteria, and pollution coming from the environment. That’s why it is just essential for us to take care of it. But sometimes, no matter how good we are in taking care of our skin. Consult German Clinic in DHCC for proper diagnosis of skin problems like-


Acne (Skin break out) is caused by clogged pores resulting facial scarring. It’s one of the most common skin problems which are unsightly and embarrassing.

Hormonal changes cause an increase in sebaceous glands secretions that become blocked in the skin along with dead cells and skin bacteria. In the long run, these obstructed areas emit as skin break out at the surface of the skin, leaving the person with unattractive scars all over.

Treatment is there are many skin treatment products available which include special skin care lotions, creams and medications.

For skin inflammation and scarring, SmartXide Dot Laser treatment can be utilized.

Utilizing dermal fillers may likewise enhance the appearance of the skin, these are infused underneath the skin of the scars and fills the region where the scar is.

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Sun tanned skin

The harmful effects of overexposure to the UV rays present themselves as skin cancer, uneven pigmentation, redness, itchy skin, and Rosacea, amongst other health problems.

Treatment for damaged skin is to spend less time in the sun or use a good SPF tan protection cream or lotion. Analyze in time and treat it effectively by using a powerful antioxidant agent such as idebenone.

These skin antibiotic creams can resolve a few skin issues, for example, skin ulcers, infections, and bruises, skin ulcers, wounds and even diseases like decubitus. It can also help reduce erosive infections of skin and mucous which includes piogenic infections and herpes.

Fungal infections

Most of the fungal infections are airborne, microscopic, that thrive on the body. These fungal infections are commonly seen in moist and warm areas searchers toenails, groin area, scalp.
Treatment for ringworm nail infection could be oral or local medications which contain clomtrimazole, griseofulvin or ketoconazone. In some cases, a dermatologist may advise for a surgery.