Corrugated sheets and their uses

Corrugated steel or galvanised iron sheets are primarily used as building material that add strength to the construction. They have a linear corrugated pattern to give a strong and rigid finish to materials. Also known as profiled sheets, they are used in different industries for different purposes.  Corrugated sheet suppliers in Dubai offer different varieties of these sheets so they are suitable for different types of industries.

Industries which use corrugated metal sheets

The material is used in a range of industries including the construction industry, for building oil and gas storage tanks with wind deflection, for automobiles, underground stations, platform roofing, filtration, piping and ducting, animal shelters, oil and water separators, bus shelters, and metal jacketing.

Corrugated sheet supplier in dubai


There are a lot of uses of corrugated metal sheets. The top uses include –

  1. Roofing: These sheets are primarily used for roofing. The rippled metal sheets provide excellent solutions for roofing, decking, siding and flooring. These sheets offer perfect protection because they are tough, weather resistant, lightweight and practical.
  2. Cladding: The profiled sheets are used for cladding accommodation modules at offshore platforms. This cladding is also called metal jacketing and it provides a lot of protection.
  3. Signs: These sheets are also used for yard signs. Their strength and weather resistance makes it the best option for this application.
  4. Garages: These sheets are extensively used in garages. Be it for the shutters, or the insides, these profiled sheets offer a great protection. They are also used for pet shelters and storage spaces.
  5. Play structures: These sheets are also used to make play structures for kids.

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