Looking for the best bed bug treatment

Extermination of bed bugs has always been a headache for many. Needless to say, there are many pest control companies in Dubai, provides bed bug treatment, cockroach treatment in Dubai.

This is the list of best quality companies who provide bed bug treatment in Dubai who will be able to provide you help with the bed bugs when you need it:

Jumeirah Pest Control Services

Jumeirah Pest Control offers a large variety of services that includes eradication of rodents, cockroaches, and bedbugs. It was established in Dubai in 1974 and has a long-standing experience in almost every situation. They use some liquid-based spray to exterminate bugs, and after four to five hours from the administration of the spray, the house is free from bugs.

Paramount Pest Control

For the bed bugs treatment in Dubai, Paramount is another excellent choice. They use a spray treatment which is sprayed and left for 5 hours to work its magic. The company provides same-day services if the spare staff is available. But in most cases, the customer needs to book them, one day in advance.

Pro Shield Pest Control Services

Pro Shield Pest Control offer commercial and residential services. They are known for providing immediate services with no additional charge. Another plus point is that they use organic pesticide (no chemical), which makes it safe for pregnant women, pets, and kids.

Dubai Bedbugs

Dubai Bedbugs have got the experience of 12 years and a team of experts to see your house expertly devoid of any unwelcome life forms. They take action on the same day the complaint was filed without any additional charges. They use a liquid-based spray that should be kept on for 8 hours, and the house members are asked to vacate the premises.


Cosmos Pest Control

This company offers services for everyone, be it residential clients, commercial clients or hotel clients. They offer both chemical treatment and non-chemical treatment to the rid place of the infestation. The chemical treatment, since it does not kill the eggs, has to be repeated thrice in three different visits in case more eggs are laid. It also requires tenants to leave the property for three to four hours after it has been administered. The non-chemical treatment, on the other hand, does kill eggs using heat and therefore, only one round is required. It is so safe for pets and kids that they can remain inside the place while it is being treated.