Match curtains to suit the wall colour

While backing up home furnishing is one thing weather very important thing is that all your pieces must complement each other. Without proper coordination between furniture and the entire space, things may look out of place and may not be appealing.

Especially to when it comes to matching the walls and Windows. Curtain shops in Dubai say that walls and curtains need to be in good coordinator to suit the space and look dapper.

Send this article curtain shops in Dubai give some ideas to co-ordinate curtains with the wall colour:

Repeat the wall colour:

If you are looking for the colour commented look that goes well with pattern curtains go for patterns that suit the wall colour. For example if your words are invited I will then you can choose patterns which are the colours in their background.

Dubai curtains

Dubai curtains

Choose to go monochrome:

If you want to achieve a classic look with some solid coloured curtains then you can pick curtain fabrics belong to the same colour family that is they have darker or lighter versions of the colour. If you want it to be subtle then you can choose a colour and that is 2 or 3 Shades different from the wall colour.

Try to keep it as Natural as possible:

1 advice from Dubai cotton shorts is to keep it as Natural as possible. This means that if you have big strong wall colours then you can turn down the whole look by using curtains of neutral colours.

Pick colours that are complementary:

Complementary colours classic. However, do not go for solid colours over solid coloured wall. For better styling you can choose neutral tone fabrics that compliment wall colours.

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