How much do you pay for Gynecologist in Dubai?

Like any other medical professionals, the best gynecologist in Dubai, earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year and may employ nursing staff in support positions. Since the services offered by a GYN (short for gynecological) or Women’s Health Examiners are essential to the health of more than a half of the total populace, these experts are also extremely high in demand.

As such, it’s difficult to find an affordable gynecologist in Dubai. If you lack health insurance coverage or carry a budget plan that doesn’t fully cover gynecological exams, that includes a Pap smear, vaginal infections (including yeast infections and STIs). If you require additional tests, this fee will increase accordingly.

Who should have a GYN examination?
all women who are sexually active, independent of age and all women who are 21 years of age or older need to go to a GYN for a regular check-up.

Why should I go for a GYN examination?
During a GYN examination, you get a chance to inquire about an extensive variety of treatments they offer include(but not limited to)-

Sexuality and breast examination – A breast exam may be performed and self-breast exam techniques are discussed and/potentially instructed. It is vital for you to become acquainted with what is normal for your breasts. This is important as 1 in 8 women in the country are at a risk of developing breast cancer.

Vaginal infections and cervical examination – A pelvic exam (counting STI testing and perhaps a pap spread to check for any pre-harmful injuries on the cervix) might be performed.

Contraception (Birth control medication, family planning /preparing for pregnancy in the future) -Contraception might be talked about, with the advantages and disadvantages of every technique depicted. In the event that you wish, and there are no medicinal condition why you don’t want to have it, a solution for the conception prevention pill or other preventative might be prescribed.

How much should I pay a GYN?
The price you pay a GYN would depend on factors like
– The GYN you consult
– Any insurance coverage or any special discounts
– Is it for an Initial GYN visit or Annual GYN visit or “GYN problem” the price ranges from AED 2,500 – $ 696 (for women below 40 years old) and AED 3,000- $ 835 (for women above 40 years old)
– Breast cancer check up price ranges from AED 750 – $ 209.for more details visit

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