Name few interiors related online magazines.

When it comes to living big and beautiful, the aesthetic appeal of our homes is always on the front end of our minds. Lush gardens, Bohemian bedrooms, and artistic hallways are all that matter to us. Of course, we are no connoisseur of arts and hence, our preferences may vary a little from what is actually suitable for our homes.

However, with the advent of interior design magazines, even a layman in the field of decoration can set up their home in what we might call a trendy style. The number of such magazines is far too many but there are some which are bigger and let’s just say, trendier.

  • Architectural Digest – Now here is one magazine that could be called the Father of all other interior design magazines out there. Architectural digest is unanimously the authority in matters of concurrent designs and trends. Its influence is so widespread that a number of other magazines use it for reference on all matters of style and the city. Unequivocally, a magazine that generates veneration everywhere.

  • Elle Decor  Elle Decor as the most influencing magazine in the realm of interior designing. Founded in 1989, this magazine has been known to stand with fresh and contemporary viewpoints with numerous masterpiece articles on design and architecture.
  • Dwell – The rise of Dwell can be attributed to its preference of inspirational style over ambitious style. This eclectic verve won it many laurels and fans alike with readers praising its simplistic approach to newer ideas. It has been often hailed as ” a fine blend of designing, sustainability, and ingenuity.”
  • Bungalow – On a cursory peep, Bungalow seems like a mortal trying to fit in a pantheon of Gods. This magazine is relatively new and not very well known to the designing world but that doesn’t take away its colossal potential.

All of these magazines can be called game changers in this domain of interior designing. All of them has given this branch something new with their fresh ideas and interesting patterns. In the end, all of these deserve a spot among the greatest and their style will continue to inspire many others.