Palm Islands- The First Man-Made Island In The World

The United Arab Emirates or the UAE has been one of the most popular choices among travel buffs looking for exotic places to visit. It’s enticing culture combined with the astonishing geography, and extravagant modernity make it one of the best tourist destinations. And forming the gem in the crown of UAE is its mantelpiece; the city of Dubai.

Dubai is a city that is growing exponentially. It is an amalgamation of beauty, culture, and brilliant engineering. And the Palm Islands situated at the heart of Dubai, is nothing but a blaring example of all that the city represents. It is a part of an elaborate land reclamation project that was undertaken by the Dubai government has made the world gape in awe. Palm Islands marks the first ever man-made island in the world, which is an astounding feat. And it has since become an inevitable part of each and every Dubai holiday packages.

The Palm Islands

The Palm Islands is an epitome of the ingenuity in modern engineering. It consists of a triad of the artificial archipelago; Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Deira, each constructed in the shape of a date palm. It forms one of the most daring ventures that the engineering world has ever witnessed.


Palm Jumeirah

It is the first, and the only island among the three, to be completed to date. It consists of land in the shape of a tree trunk and a crown with 16 fronds and a crescent shaped breakwater that surrounds the tree-shaped structure. It adds a total of 520 kilometers to the shoreline of Dubai. The construction of the island began in the year 2001, and it was officially completed in the year 2008, although residents began moving to the island by the end of 2006. In 2008, the audacious luxury hotel Atlantis Resort opened, flocking tourists to the spot. The hotel is located right in the middles of the breakwater that surrounds the tree. Further construction of shopping malls, theme parks, hotel resorts is going on right now.

Palm Jebel Ali

This island is being constructed at the further western side of the Dubai coast, near the Abu Dhabi border. It began in the year 2002 and were expected to be completed this year. This island is planned to be fifty percent larger than Palm Jumeirah although the shape and structure are pretty much the same as the latter. Once completed, it is expected to have the capacity to house around 250,000 people.

Palm Deira

This was initially planned to be a part of the Palm Islands. Now, renamed to Deira Island, it forms an archipelago located along the Deira Corniche of the Dubai Coast. The size of the island is quite remarkable spreading over 300 million cubic meters. The land reclamation for the project is almost done, and the construction works are about to begin.

The Palm Islands has enhanced the glamour and glitz of the Dubai city furthermore. It has introduced a monumental amount of private beaches to the coast of Dubai, not to mention the beauty that it has added to the coast. Make sure you don’t miss it.